About Us


Canada Mostin (CMTC) is a North American supplier of promotional products. Our offices are located in Toronto and Chicago and our manufacturing factory is in China.  We began operations in 2003 and joined ASI the same year. ASI# 43675 (CAN) and ASI# 43673 (USA).


We manufacture a wide range of promotional products such as lanyards, pens, keychains, bags, embroidery, hats, pins etc

We specialize in being able to custom manufacture any common promotional product directly to your specifications. Our customers can choose whatever colour, size, font, or material they desire. Or if you don’t need a custom job done, we may have an existing molding that might work for you, saving you time and money.


We can help answer any question you might have from providing a quotation, handling artwork, and special packaging etc.


Since everything is produced or assembled in our factory, from creating the molds to packing the products, we are able to provide our customers with high quality promotional products at a very competitive price.